Last Week’s Frugal Accomplishments

A little late with this post. Two things kept me busy actually, the first being addicted to another podast series “Undisclosed: The State vs Adnan” which is sort of a continuation of Serial in terms of the investigation. Second, trying to get organised for returning to work part time next week. It’s all happening very fast and I’m not sure what would that do in terms of being able to continue teaching my music students but I hope that I will come up with a solution quickly.

  1. I found another pair of 3/4 pants in Good Sammy’s for $5. It is almost brand new (or could be, no signs of the pants being worn).
  2. I worked 1.5 days last week at a school, and babysat once for extra income.
  3. I had more free entertainment through listening to podcasts. It keeps me entertained while I drive and do housework.
  4. My son’s swim teacher kindly replaced all of the classes we’ve missed this term so we don’t lose out on the payment we’ve made in advance.
  5. Bought a new DVD called “Lorax” for my son. It cost me $5 at Woolworths so I’m very pleased.
  6. I received two $20 gift cards. One for Coles and one for Woolworths. I redeemed them from answering surveys online.
  7. I also received a $5 voucher for Guardian Pharmacy as it is my birthday month. I really wanted a natural, eco friendly hair treatment and I purchased one from Sukin. It was $7.95 after using the voucher and this will last me for at least a year.
  8. I took advantage of fuelling up my car for $1.04 per litre. Worth lining up for 5 minutes!!
  9. I practiced yoga at home. I skipped the urge to attend a class at a studio. Why pay when you have Youtube!
  10. I’m starting part time work next week. It is not so frugal for us as price of daycare increases, I’ll use more fuel and in general, being out and about tempts me to spend more money. However, I’ll try my best to stay on track. The great thing about this new workplace is that there are no cafes nearby so I will have to bring my own lunch (and make my own coffee). Win!
  11. Speaking of coffee, I redeemed a free coffee from Muffin Break. I love my coffee.

Frugal Fails:

  1. I purchased tickets to watch Lion King, The Musical for January next year. I don’t like musicals but I definitely love Lion King!
  2. I actually bought the same hair treatment at a different pharmacy. Instead of selling them in tubs, they sold them in individual sample size packets. Silly me, I bought 4 (8ml per packet) which is almost the same price as buying one tub (100ml).
  3. That same afternoon I also splurged on expensive ice cream. Felt incredibly guilty afterwards.. but it was so good!

Last week’s Frugal Accomplishments 

Wow, another week has flown by so quickly! These are my achievements from last week. I feel like I didn’t do as much as I could have as I am in the middle of hunting for a new job so I’ve been feeling a little stressed out. 

1. Took the train to a trial day at a new job. Driving would cost a lot more in terms of fuel and time. Packed my own snacks and lunch as well.

2. Listened to more podcasts and continued reading my free e-book. I finally finished listening to Serial and it was amazing! I can’t wait for Season 2.

3. Recently tried a new drugstore make up line and I’m in love! It’s exclusive to Woolworths and it is known as Make Up Design. Hello affordable eye liner, lipstick and mascara! Everything is $8 or under and is of great quality. 

MUD liquid eyeliner in action!

4. Babysat 2 days last week and accepted 2 days of work this week. It’s nice to have extra income.

5. Redeemed a $20 Wish voucher and two $20 iTunes voucher. We used the iTunes voucher for movies. I will use the Wish voucher for groceries in Woolworths.

6. My sister was going to photoshop and print out some birthday invites for my son’s upcoming birthday but we decided to do a Facebook invite instead. It’s easier for everyone to RSVP and no one will forget!!

7. Had 10 cents off when I fueled up my car. Love it!!

8. Regifted a brand new toy as a birthday present. We didn’t need more sorting toys, plus it was taking up room in his toy box. We reused a gift bag as well. Win win!

I aim to be more frugal this week. Fingers crossed!

Last week’s Frugal Accomplishments

We came back from our holiday to Scotland and Italy in the beginning of July. We had an amazing time as although we tried to be as frugal we as can be, we did become a little relaxed with our spending. 

I was also busy battling physical pain (from carrying my heavy toddler for most of the trip) and job hunting (as we would like to buy a house hopefully by the end of this year)! I’ve been busy trying to juggle everything and stress has gotten the better of me.

I’m back on track now so I would love to update more! 

My frugal list:

1. I cut my husband and my son’s hair with our brand new Remington trimmer and scissor set that we bought from Tescos. Best £25 we spent this trip I reckon! Our Wahl trimmer was slowly dying a slow death.. and was prone to losing battery power.

2. Mum baked a lot last week so we’ve been enjoying a lot of homemade cakes and bread.

3. Redeemed a $20 voucher from iTunes through Nine Rewards and bought the movie Mad Max : Fury Road. It was $24.99 so we only spent $4.99 in total for a HD movie!

4. Did some yoga.. YouTube is such a wonderful source of free exercise.

5. Got into podcasts! I recently downloaded “Serial” by This American Life. So far it has 12 episode and it is about a murder mystery! This is great to keep me company on train rides, cleaning and cooking. I’m also planning to download more.. Any recommendations? 

6. I downloaded a free e-book by Zen Habits called “Little book of Contentment”. You can find it in his website, So far it has been a great read. Can’t wait to finish it.

7. Gratefully received a bag of clothes for my son and myself! I sorted out the clothes and gave some smaller ones to a friend whose son is a year younger than mine. 

8. Applied for a Smart Rider card to enjoy the discounts. I’m applying for a new position and if I get it, I’ll be using the train more often. 

9. Babysat three times last week and worked one full day at a school as a relief Education Assistant. 

10. Made more laundry detergent and I’m planning to get on board with making Miracle Spray from the cheapskates website! 

11. I received a $20 Coles and Myers card through the mail from answering surveys at Mint Surveys. I’ll use this to buy more nappies for my son.

12. Found a 16 piece plate, bowl and mug set for $8.25 at Salvos. It was almost brand new! I also purchased a second hand Pumpkin Patch denim jacket for my son for $5. 

Frugal Fail – we need another car seat. Luckily Big W has car seats on sale and I managed to buy the last booster/car seat which can be used from 0 to 8 years of age! We need a booster seat for the future anyway so I felt it was a win/fail purchase. 

We went to watch Cirque De Soleil on Sunday evening. We bought the tickets over a year ago so it felt like it was a “free” event! 

On a side note, I’ve been using health balls as another way to relieve stress. I forget how effective they are sometimes! 

Living in the Highlands

We were so lucky to be invited to stay in one of the cottages in the castle grounds of Glentrium Castle. We stayed from Friday morning to Monday morning. We were blessed to be a part of such a beautiful wedding!

Exploring the castle grounds with a very sick and unhappy baby.


The view from outside our cottage.


Our cosy cottage. It was beautiful inside.


The chapel where the bride and groom got married.


In front of Glentrium castle.

We will definitely come back to stay again ( in the cottage, not castle of course! ) It is just so beautiful here. 

How to make a Quiet Book – Page 4: Music notes 

This was my husband’s idea! We are both classical musicians, teaching music is our main profession. I was going to design a “string your guitar” page but that might quite fiddly for a 2 year old. I decided to design a simple “button the crotchets” page instead.

You will need:-

Felt – black and white (or any other colour for the background)

3 buttons





1. I cut a white piece of felt at 20cm by 20cm.

2. I cut 5 black strips at 1cm by 20cm. These strips are the stave (staff) lines. 

3. I trace a treble clef by hand and cut that out. I sew the stave lines down and then the treble clef.

4. I sew 3 black buttons down in an ascending order.

5. I cut out 6 crotchet notes. Two has a leger line going through it. The notes are about the same size as an Australian 50 cent count. I sew them together with back stitch and then cut a slit through the middle. This is the button hole.

And you’re finished!  

How to make a Quiet Book – Page 3: Numbers

This was quite a spontaneous idea. I had some scraps left, and a rather large piece of felt so I decided to create something number related. 


You will need:

1. Felt

2. Velcro

3. Thread

4. Needle

5. Sharp scissors


1. I cut a large piece of felt at 20cm by 20cm.

2. I cut scraps that are large enough at 4cm by 6cm. I needed 5 pieces in total.

3. I trace numbers 1 to 5 on scraps of felt and cut them out. I then paste them onto the rectangular pieces. I stitch them down for further support. 

4. I stick 5 pieces of Velcro onto the large square felt. I stick the other part of the Velcro onto the back of the little rectangular pieces. 

And you are finished! I think this page took me less than 45 minutes. Happy crafting!  

Last week’s Frugal Accomplishments

Wow, what a busy week it has been!

1. Fuelled up  the car at $1.18 a litre. I miss it when petrol was as low as $0.98!

2. Only spent $40 on groceries last week. It was $20 under budget so that went away in our savings.

3. I mended some of my tank tops which were stretched over time. I love the style and Cotton On does not sell this particular one anymore so I’m determined to make them last.

4. I redeemed a $20 gift card from Mint Surveys. I’ve used this to buy more nappies at Coles for our upcoming big trip to Scotland and Italy. Nappies are cheaper here, so will try to pack as many as I can!

5. Bought a couple puzzles for my son at Kmart for $7.50. What an amazing deal!

6. Cooked all meals at home.

7. Babysat once last week.

8. We are not doing any extra activities this term for my son as we won’t be here for most of it. That is over $300 saved! (Swimming and Playgroup)

What did you do to save money last week?